Contribute now and get the money back in April!

Thank you so much for supporting my campaign! Every dollar makes a difference in elections, and your contribution shows a commitment not only to a candidate, but also to keeping local people involved in local elections.

Fortunately, in Oregon, the first $50 to give to a candidate can be subtracted from your state taxes. Married couples can give $100.

If you make a contribution of up to that amount before January 1, Oregon will pay you back dollar for dollar when you file your income tax return next year. This applies to both the long and short tax forms. A small effort now can help fund our campaign efforts without costing you anything in the long run.

To make a secure contribution by credit card, click here.

For more information on Oregon Tax Credits, click here.

If you prefer to mail acheck, please make checks payable to:

Gomberg for State Rep
PO Box 119
Neotsu, OR 97364

A note of your occupation, employer's name and employer's address is required for campaign finance reporting purposes.

Please note that contributions to Oregon campaigns are limited to US citizens. To our overseas friends, we appreciate your support but can't accept your money.

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