Dear Friends and Neighbors,

It is truly an honor to represent the people on the Central Oregon Coast and the communities of the Coastal Range. This is a remarkably beautiful region, and it is no surprise that the rest of Oregon comes to our district to play, vacation and relax.

We live in a part of the state blessed with natural beauty and remarkable economic potential. Every day I see people using their creativity and economic courage to create businesses and jobs I see young people starting families. I see people retiring here and bringing a lifetime of experience to contribute to our communities. I see all of them working to make Oregon better, stronger, and more livable.

As a legislator, Iíve worked to empower that ďcan doĒ spirit. In Oregon we can build on the strong points, and tackle the obvious problems that remain.

My priorities for a new term are jobs and the economy, health care, education, transportation, and smarter government.

Over the past 25 years my wife Susan and I have built a thriving small business. We design, manufacture, and sell kites all around the world. We do entertainment programs for groups like Disney, motion pictures, and the SuperBowl. And we have opened retail stores on the Oregon coast and put people to work. We are fortunate to have created a successful small business in a community that we love.

I donít think there are five legislators in Salem that actually own cash registers. Thatís gives me a unique perspective which reflects our core economies of fishing, farming, and tourism in our small business district. Real business experience makes a difference in Salem!

Iíve worked hard to frequently visit every corner of our large and diverse district. Iíve made a point to listen. And I was proud to earn the endorsement of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents in the last election. I sincerely believe that good things happen when we work together.

Thatís why I first decided to run for the State Legislature. Thatís why Iím running again.

I'm running to continue working for the kids and families who live in our district, for our seniors, and for our small businesses.

For more than 20 years Susan and I have lived here on the Coast, created jobs, and worked to make our community better. I will continue to use my experience, my enthusiasm, and my values to help create a brighter economic future for the people of Lincoln, Tillamook, Polk, and Yamhill Counties.

Thank you so much for the honor of allowing me to represent you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email. I look forward to working with you over the coming months as we take our state in bold new directions and build a better Oregon for all of us.

David Gomberg

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